My story

Several years ago I gave up my career as an art director/writer/conceptualiser, with various ad agencies in London, Milan, Rome, and Johannesburg.  After three years back in the UK, I was offered a co-creative directorship in Johannesburg and my family and I returned 'home'. When my two-year 'thank-you' for the trip back contract was up I opened up my own agency on a wing and a prayer - Michael Hobbs & Associates lasted nearly twenty years. 


In recent times I have been lucky enough to re-kindle my passion for drawing, painting, and photography. It all began at a London art school under the robust tutorship of UK Pop Artist, Peter Blake, (we argued a lot) and many years later later by Roy Carruthers, a brilliant art director and fine-artist, originally from Port Elizabeth.

Through the interplay of analogue and digital processes, I re-interpreted these early works while creating new ones. The early struggle days with my first attempts stimulated a determination that propelled me forward. I was and still am, constantly captured by the sheer delight of surprising new forms, colours and textures as I became more competent at discovering and creating new digital applications.


I have no particular agenda or mission. I am simply focusing on my personal development across these various mixed media. I try to create works that are intriguing,and accessible to wider audiences, hence the prints (limited 1/25), are considerably less expensive than conventionally produced art.


Some of the prints are playful, others less so, and I like to think that a few have achieved a certain gravitas.

Whatever the case, they are certain to brighten up any environment, or provide a unique gift to be appreciated and loved forever.

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